Reasons to Believe

Several years ago our school district initiated the KCK Reasons to Believe. The Reasons to Believe are individuals who have matriculated through and graduated from KCK District 500 Schools. These are individuals who are an inspiration as they have made a positive impact on the communities in which they live and serve.

In the 2008-09 school year, at the conclusion of his first year as principal at NWMS, Dr. Donnie Mitchell initiated this same honor for our school. His desire was to recognize and honor individuals who have matriculated through and graduated from Northwest Middle School. These individuals are people of outstanding character and have made a positive impact in the communities in which they live and serve.

Each spring, during the 8th-grade promotion ceremony, a new group of Northwest Reasons to Believe is inducted into our school hall of fame. These individuals are officially recognized at promotion. Their picture is professionally framed and mounted and permanently placed on the wall directly across from the main administrative office.

Our recipients thus far are listed here.


Ms. Nancy Browne 
Class of 1970
Rev. Desmond Lamb
Class of 1986
Dr. Cynthia Moore-Hollinshed
Class of 1984
National Education Consultant
Mr. Reginald Jones
Class of 1978
Motivational Speaker


The late Deborah Vaughn Daniels
Class of 1925
Medical Executive
Ms. Jackie Randall
Class of 1974
Human Resources Executive
Mr. Paul Jones
Firefighter Chief


Mr. Alvino Crawford
Business Owner
Bishop Jack C. Vaughn
Class of 1974
Senior Pastor
Ms. Wilene Jones
Class of 1975


Dr. Samia Guess
Class of 1988
Ms. Monica Portley
Class of 1997
Family Community Specialist
Ms. Mary K. Sims
Class of 1964
International Women’s Leader
Mr. Trevaughn White
Class of 2007
College Athlete


Mr. Greg Patton
Class of 1977
Social Services
Mr. Brian Torres
Class of 1979
Business Entrepreneur
Mr. Gary Wilson
Class of 1979

Owner of Wilson’s Pizza
Mrs. Janice McConnell-Miller
Class of 1980


Ms. Latoria Chinn
Class of 1971
Executive Director of the Kansas Speedway
Mr. Dwight Holland
Class of 1969
Building Engineer
Mr. Timothy Robinson
Class of 1977
Behavior Specialist


Mrs. Hattie Smith
Class of 1969
Information Specialist KCK Unified Government
Mr. Broderick Crawford
Class of 1976 
Health Services Administrator
Mrs. Janice Moore
Class of 1985
Postal Services Manager
Ms. Regina Cofield
Class of 1978
Mr. Harold Simmons
Class of 1962
Inspirational Speaker/Former KCK Police Detective
Mrs. Mary Pulley
Class of 1994
Broadcast Journalist


Mrs. Pam Johnson-Williams
Class of 1975
Sales Manager
Mr. Michael Knight
Class of 1998
Mr. Anthony Hollinshed
Class of 1974
Mr. Randall Pulley
Class of 1995
Business Owner


Ms. LaVette Davis
Class of 1984

Ms. Lorraine Williams
Class of 1982



Dr. Diana Clemons
Community Advocate
Mr. Jerell Cotton
Class of 2005
The late Mrs. Lauretta Cofield Portley
Class of 1969
Community Advocate